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Scott is from Middletown, Ohio where he now lives with his wife, Jeri, and five boys. He has 29 years of experience managing real estate investments, starting new businesses, enjoys restoring ugly buildings (especially restoring and revitalizing his home city of downtown Middletown), and is addicted to coffee from Triple Moon Coffee Co.  Besides the marketplace, Scott has served on church-planting teams, developed and managed small group systems for churches, taught for Ohio Christian University and Anderson University, and thoroughly enjoys helping emerging leaders start new businesses, organizations, and nonprofits.  He also served on the Forge Amerca team as the Director of Academic Partnerships where he nurtured and promoted academic programs associated with Forge.    

Scott is a graduate of Miami University (Ohio) where he earned an associate's degree in Business Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology.  He also attended Cincinnati Christian University where he earned his Master of Divinity and the Master of Arts.  Scott also did doctoral work at Regent University and received his Ph.D. from the University of the Cumberlands in the area of leadership studies, focusing on the intersection of faith, social entrepreneurship, and leadership development within higher education. 



President (Chief Dreamer)

Research/Coaching Interests:


  • Theological Education

  • Missional Church Conversation

  • Social Entrepreneurship and Community Impact

  • Business as mission initiatives

  • Revitalization and development of forgotten places 

  • Missional Leadership Development




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