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Required for the equip.U Certificate:


Centralizing Jesus                                1 course

Passionate Spirituality                        1 course 

Missional Minded                                1 course

Organic Community                            1 course

Relational Learning                             1 course


          Total                                         5 Courses


This learning experience is designed to give learners a wide introduction to Kingswell’s modules while also inspiring their imagination to think outside the box with regard to one's ministry.  Our module-courses will equip learners with some tools necessary to disciple and lead in one's context.

All module-courses are offered one day a week for five weeks.  

The overall purpose is to:


  • Inspire learners to become more like Jesus and to follow him in HIS mission.

  • Renew one’s ministry endeavors with new paradigms for thinking outside the box.

  • Understand some Biblical and Theological foundations for discipleship.

  • Provide tools to make disciples more effectively in one’s context.

  • Understand how one is wired for ministry. 

This training experience requires one course in each of Kingswell's five (5) learning modules.  Our learning modules correspond to our five values. Learners journey together by attending module rotations, completing assignments,  and dialoguing with peers.  As part of this learning community, you get to join our KIngswell network, which means  you get to participate in frequent events, forums, and topic discussions. 


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Cost for this experience is $89 per module.  If you gather four or more people from your church, then $79 per person.  If you are proactive, you can complete it in one year. 

Questions?  Contact Scott Lewis (

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