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Why Middletown?



Kingswell will be housed in a newly renovated facility in Middletown, Ohio which is adequate for office, classroom, and library space.   We are located in the heart of Southwestern, Ohio, located in the City of Middletown.  We reside in a four-story historical building in a newly revived historical-art district and nestled near several charities aimed at providing jobs, meals and assistance to people in need. As we grow into this neighborhood, we long for ears to hear and eyes to see all that has gone on before us here. We are actively looking for ways to allow the ethos of Middletown to impact our growth as individuals, as a learning community, and as neighbors.  Our social-cultural environment allows us to not only reflect theologically, but to engage the realities that persist among us: racial division, poverty, joblessness, and the broken.  



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