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Resources & Events

Many leaders are expressing similar longings to see missional disciples made and mobilized into the spaces they inhabit. However, there are many questions about how this is done. Kingswell (powered by Forge America) has curated resources and created events to help leaders learn more, be informed, and stay inspired.

Cohorts & Workshops

Connection is just as crucial as conviction. As leaders navigate challenges and journey towards a better future, connection to others who are on a similar journey is essential. Kingswell (Powered by Forge America) connects leaders to one another and guides them as they move beyond information to implementation. The Forge Mobilizing Missional Disciples Cohort is offered four times a year and helps leaders (both pastors and pioneers/planters) implement holistic change in their context that sees missional disciples mobilized, communities transformed, new things pioneered, and ultimately the reign of God revealed.



Because every context is different, Kingswell (Powered by Forge America) offers coaching to help leaders assess how new learnings will affect the organization or church they lead. Additionally, coaching will help leaders utilize their learnings to develop a discipleship culture that reflects their community and context.


Social Impact Icubator 

Connect, create, and cultivate your dream with us. Become a member of our social-impact community and be inspired to be and do more. We have co-working and meeting spaces available for our members where they connect, dream, and sharpen one another.

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