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This cohort of learners will journey together over the duration of 9 months where they will undergo a series Kingswell modules, one-on-one coaching and frequent collaborative gatherings.   This year’s emphasis is Neighboring and will explore what it means to be a neighbor in North American.  This journey is designed to do following:


  • Retool emerging leaders with the hardware necessary to mentor and disciple more effectively in one's context. 

  • Equip emerging leaders on how to sustain a missional community in one's context through mentoring relationships.  

  • Inspire emerging leaders to be innovators and catalysts of renewal within their cities and neighborhoods.


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A learning experience where a group of people learn together one day a week for a five week module.  The purpose is to retool or equip people with the hardware necessary to lead more effectively within one’s context.  Our learning communities will explore theological, biblical, social, and ethical topics or other matters related to Kingswell's five values - all for the purpose of being equipped to lead more effectively.    


Coaching & Training

A personal guide to help you and/or your church embrace its missionary identity.  This is designed around the needs of your misional community and/or local church. (Could include but not limited to: 1 day training events, ½ day training events, personal coaching sessions).  For more information, contact us.


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