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A Future Seminary 


At Kingswell we endeavor to equip missional leaders to do what Jesus said: "Go . . . and make diciples." We live in a time of accelerated change in North America, evidenced by increased immigration, rapid technological advances, globalization, and the decline of Christian influence in culture. These changes are causing the Church in North America to re-evaluate its mission to the world. In our opinion, God is simply waking his people to the realization that we do not exist for the purpose of maintaining our church structures, but we exist to partner with God on a mission of reconciling our communities to Christ.


With this purpose, Kingswell seeks to breathe life into a difficult situation today. Statistics show that 80-85% of churches are plateauing or in decline. With this concern, our proposed seminary will help emerging leaders develop the skills, knowledge, and spiritual formation necessary to lead missionally by making disciples within one’s context of leadership.


For a preview of what we are attempting launch, see our Academic Team Proposal


If you want more information or would like to help out, please contact Scott Lewis.


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